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Have your book made in your way, with your story. Available online or in-store are books ranging from inexpensive and fun books to world class professional albums.

Book Design, Layout, Editing

Design a photo-book using user-friendly tools on our website. Upload the files, play, design and order. Through our easy to use, straight forward book editor you will have access to all the tools you need to make fun books you'll love. Depending on the style of book you choose, we will have it printed and bound within as short as a few hours or up to a couple of weeks.

If you realize book design is not designed for everyone, we have a graphic team ready to assist. You can hire us for anything ranging from simple tasks to our Professional Book package that includes complimentary full-design service.


If you successfully ordered photo prints online before, you can design your own books online. Select a book style to start, upload picture files, arrange as desired, modify, add text and finalize your design by following our straightforward step by step program. If you are logged in, you will be able to return any time resume the design. Be the artist; let your friends know you designed your book yourself.


Need a little help? You can hire us for designing your book at $3 per minute rate. Typically this works out to be $30 for the initial design posted on your online account, and each additional revision will be $25. This is a sensible option if you feel you need the eye of a graphic professional.

However, you should consider the Professional Book option if you feel that you need extensive assistance, which can add up. The design service is included for free with all Professional Book orders.

professional BOOK DESIGN (no extra charge) :

Pro Image has a book design specialist assigned to make impressive luxury photo books and albums with a variety of size and finish options. They will send you an initial design created with your photos and design preferences in mind. You will then review the design and request any changes that you would like. Our designer will then make any of he edits that you requested before returning the next draft to you. For 60 days you will have access to unlimited drafts. In the end our diligent work will turn your design concept to reality.

This design service is FREE of CHARGE and available with all of our Professional Photo Book orders. If you wish to make ultimate quality books that will last a life time, stop by our location. Professional Books (available only in store) will be meticulously designed by an experienced designer and sent to a world class book maker in Europe to bind and finish. Yes, they are made in our affiliated lab in Europe for the best result.

Once you approve the design we'll make and deliver to you in approximately 2 weeks, including air-shipping time from Europe. The typical price for this process is $200 - $300, including the complimentary design service. (A comparable professional book offered by other labs in NYC sells for $1,000 after the design fee.) The minimum order is $100.

Photo Books & Albums

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Coil-Spring bound Photo Books

(Available online) 4-hour turnaround during lab operation hours; single-sided true photographic paper books with translucent plastic cover, and coil-spring binding

4" x 6" book

  • Photographic paper, coil spring binding.
  • $22.00 for the first 20 pages, $1 for each additional page

5" x 7" book

  • Photographic paper, coil spring binding
  • $25 for the first 20 pages, $1 for each additional page
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(Available online) 8-hour turnaround during lab hours; choice of single-sided true photographic paper or double-side color laser paper in a hard cover leatherette book of burgundy or navy blue color.

8"x10" Single sided

  • Single-side book made of true photographic paper.
  • $35.00 first 15 pages - $2.00 additional page, max 20 pages total

8"x10" double sided

  • Double-side book made of color laser prints.
  • $30.00 first 20 pages - $1.00 additional page, max 30 pages total
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Lay-flat photo books

(Available online) About 10 days turnaround. Lay-flat binding for stunning, full-page spreads
Nicely bound for long-lasting quality
Custom printed and laminated cover
Interior pages are printed on Crystal Archive Album HD Paper


  • Minimum of 18 pages, maximum of 72 pages
  • Easy to use design templates available
  • .
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professional photo books & albums
(available only at the store)

price samples
*incls unlimited design service; based on 24 pages; SUBJECT TO CHANGE; more formats available.


8x8 Photo Book

8X8 Layflat Album

8X8 Mounted Layflat

8x12 Photo Book

8x12 Layflat Album

12X12 Photo Book

12X12 Layflat Album

12x12 Mounted Layflat

Printed Cover









Linen Cover









Leather Cover









Additional 4 pages









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