All film is processed in store. A 10% student discount on film developing prices  with a valid student ID.

Film Developing - of unprocessed rolls

  • Film developed and cut into standard 4-frame sleeve or uncut - $8.95
  • Push/pull option for B&W film - additional $3 per roll

Film Scanning - at time of developing

  • Price includes an index print, your choice of file storage in DVD, USB drive or Cloud Folder
  • Standard JPEG (3088 x2048 px - quality files good for most applications) - $6
    Standard TIFF (3088 x 2048 px, uncompressed) - $11
    Hi-res JPEG (6774 x 4495 px) - $14
    Hi-res TIFF (6774 x 4492 px, uncompressed) - $19

Photo Printing - at time of developing

We make "true photographs" using premium Kodak Royal paper and matching Kodak chemicals the most professional method for film photography. Maximize the beauty of film photography with Pro Image's uncompromising conventional way of photograph printing. There's no better way, no other way. If something else, it's not film photography.

We offer glossy or matte, border or border-less printing options for the same price. The print order comes with an index print showing thumbnail images from the film.

Film Developing

Film Developing By Mail

From 35mm film - color or b&w, a set of 4x6, w/ index print

  • 24 exp film for $6
  • 27 exp film for $7
  • 36 exp film for $9

From 120 and 220 film - color or b&w, a set of 4R (4x4, 4x5, 4x6 or 4x7), index

  • Regardless of the frame number - $7

Printing from Developed Film

Prints made from developed (processed) negative film strips, a.k.a. film reprint

printing selected images on film strip

If we print select images from a negative strip, combine the Standard Scan price, and the Digital Print price. Below is price examples applying the minimum service charges and volume discounts:

  • Example: If you order one 4x6 print from a negative, it cost $10 (minimum scan price) plus $5 (min print price) for total $15.
  • Example: If you order total ten 4x6 prints from ten negative frames, it also costs $10 ($1 each scan) plus $5 (min print cost) for total $15.

printing all images on film strip

If we print all images in the negative strip of 3 or more consecutive frames, you pay less. $10 minimum charge. No file is provided in this service.

  • Printing all negative strips in 4x6 (35mm) or 4R (120 film) size:
    Each print - $0.35
  • Printing all negatives in 5x7 (35mm) or 5R (120 film) size:
    Each print - $0.99


Combine Standard Scan price and Digital Print price. Volume discounts apply.

  • Example: If you order one 4x6 print from a slide, it cost $10 ($3 ea but min scan price $10) plus $5 (min print price) for total $15.
  • Example: If you order total ten 4x6 prints from ten slides, it costs $22 ($2.20 ea scan) plus $5 (min print price) for total $27.