striking wall displays now AVAILABLE, affordable

Maximize your visual potential with the latest in hi-end textile printing. CCS’s unique fabric prints yield the highest definition prints available in the world.Through a proprietary process utilizing specialty fabric, each one-of-a-kind print is manufactured in Germany and comes with a precision-made, lightweight and reusable aluminum frame.

These exceptional fabric prints come with a sleek frame that fits seamlessly with all decors and interiors. These prints are excellent for setting your work apart and giving new life to images in ways never before available. Leaders of industry worldwide have used these prints for both professional and personal use.

Brilliant Display

You imagine it, we create it. CCS fabric prints come in any shape, size or form. Perfect for any space from the home to the showroom floor, these eco-friendly prints will bring interest and color to the room.

Unique Technology

Each project is custom designed from start to finish. The fabric is saturated using a sublimation process to create the finest most technologically advanced print before being stretched onto a precision machined lightweight aluminum reusable frame.

Quality & Value

With no size limit these prints are ideal for both industrial and home use. For large format prints, you won’t find a better quality at a better price.


The sublimation of the dye onto the substrate creates the an ultra saturated, odor free, and high definition print. The proprietary fabricis washable, foldable, and stain resistant. There is really no other archivalprint like it.


These displays are stunning, sharp. With the right photograph, they don’t even look like fabric. This is what really sets them apart from a lesser fabric option, as there is no better way to achieve the proper color and contrast at this value.


The flexibility of  this technology makes it an option for everyone. The possibilities are endless. Transform your space with their acoustic treatments or as flexible room dividers. The technology behind these prints make them invaluable in the right hands.

Fast Delivery

The turnaround for these impressive prints and design fixtures is only one to two weeks. Additionally, once you already have a frame it takes even less time to order a new print, which you can swap out at any time.