Introducing CCS quality never seen in the US

Whether you typed it as lightbox, light-box or light box, make sure you’re searching for the highest grade visual display that illustrates the most photo realistic images on a perfectly safe and elegant frame. The lightbox is the latest stage visual art display developed by technological innovations in photography, graphics,electric engineering.

CCS is the world-class lightbox developer and manufacturer hailed by demanding architects, prestigious interior designers and informed buyers in Europe and USA. CCS products are now conveniently available in the US market though its distributor, Pro Image Photo. You can find custom designed and crafted CCS lightboxes at the headquarters of Tesla or Salesforce. Your office or living room could be next.

Proprietary image quality Control

Since CCS started in 1979 as a photo specialist, visual quality has never been compromised.
Discover an immense gap in the image quality
between one by CCS and others.
Images rendered on CCS lightboxes are
faithful, fabulous, stunning.

UL-certified safety

Product safety should be a priority in your
research on the unregulated electric device running 24/7 unattended. Do not leave the lightbox on in your office or home unless you're convinced safe. CCS is one of only two brands UL-certified worldwide. View or leave CCS displays with peace of mind.

Alfa-to-Omega service

From consultation to
delivery and installation
the distributor (Pro Image Photo) will advise
and assist you in person. Visit CCS mini showroom in Manhattan or preferably the full scale main showroom in Düsseldorf inspiring a theme park. Meet us there; you'll be professionally guided with expertise in the new imaging technology.

True picture quality

Unlike reflective art displays such as wall pictures
the lightbox emits the image to our eyes by specially coordinated LED light behind the printed translucent textile. A perfect lightbox can be made only with perfect understanding and craftsmanship learned through generations of apprenticeship. Black is black, white is white on CCS lightboxes. Claim a world class visual art-box, not just a box with light behind.

Any size Any shape

You need a lightbox of your size, of your style. In the most advanced design and manufacturing facility in Germany, CCS produces customized high-end designs other companies only dream of. Ask for odd sizes, shapes, custom frame colors of your choice. You'll probably get them all. The lightbox is no longer limited to a square or rectangular shape. CCS makes it for your idea and needs.

Fast delivery

CCS is an efficient high volume lab continuously processing orders to ship internationally. No order is too big. All orders to the US are delivered by air. Flying from Germany can be faster than truck driving from coast to coast in the US. It'll most likely beat
sluggish competitors shipping ground by truck.
Fast delivery is part of CCS benefits US
US customers enjoy.

Competitive prices

Worry about the price as the product comes from Europe? The fact is CCS production and shipping costs are lower thanks to the volume and efficiency other makers didn't reach. The flat air shipping charge is only $49 per order; the nominal import tax is borne by the seller. In the end you'll pay less for the value you get. Get a quotation today.